NWOCA-USPS Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedure
This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close the USPS fiscal year.
Cost of Life Insurance over $50,000

EMIS Staff Reporting

Month-End Closing

Quarter-End Closing


Adjusted gross calculated
NOTEThe Adjusted gross calculated should equal the adjusted gross amount from QRTRPT. This should be true for all adjusted gross figures in the "Totals" section.

NOTE These amounts may not balance due to the way W2PROC handles certain amounts (e.g. Medicare pickup)

NOTEMobile employees could cause discrepancies.

STRS Advance Processing

NOTE: Even Though the board will not be advancing the money to STRS as in the past, the process for the annual reporting is the same as prior years.

NOTE:: The totals for regular and rehired retirees are separated on the report since the STRS Recap Sheet requires that these be reported separately.

Quarter-End Closing Completion

Fiscal Year-End Closing

Post Fiscal Year-End Closing
Restrictions during the advance:

You have completed the USPS Fiscal Year End Closing procedures.