This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close the USPS quarter-end.

Month-End Closing

The actual option of SERSMONTH will clear the MTD accumulators on the 400/590 and 690 DEDSCN records, as well as,set the New Employee flag on the 400 DEDSCN record to N and copy the following reports out to the PAYROLLCD, AUDRPT, ABS101, BENRPT, CHKSTS and SERSMONTH.

Quarter-End Closing


‾ Annuities

 Adjusted gross calculated

 The Adjusted gross calculated should equal the adjusted gross amount from QRTRPT. This should be true for all adjusted gross figures in the "Totals" section.

You are now ready to proceed with payroll for the new quarter.

MASCHG/MASINC-At the end of the third quarter the MASCHG/MASINC program should be processed to increment Total and Authorized years of experience for EMIS reporting purposes.

USPEMS/PERDET-Before an EMIS data collection for employee data is processed, the USPEMS/PERDET program should be ran and checked for possible errors. These errors should be corrected in the payroll system and USPEMS/PERDET should be ran again until all employee errors are cleaned up.