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Listed below are some examples of transcripts which have been developed for schools to import into their PowerSchool systems.

  1. Two Column with Overflow displays the courses taken in the left column with testing and GPA information in the right column.
  2. Transcript 3 shows semester and yearly courses in the left column and GPA and testing information in the right column.
  3. Transcript 4 shows semester and yearly grades 

To install on your PowerSchool server 

1. Click either of the download links below to get the PST file

2. Go to Setup >> System >> Import Report Template and browse to the file downloaded in step 1.

3. Customize the object report using customization notes shown below as a guide.

**Double Spacing Problem: Please note there is a bug which is known to occur occasionally where when you import an object report into your powerschool reports that the imported file will display double spaced in the PDF when viewed. To fix this open the offending text object and cut the text from the box and paste into a plain text editor (not MS Word) remove the extra line returns and paste the corrected text back into the text box and save your changes.

***GPA/Credit Year Display Problem: The GPA Credits for each year is supposed to display as a range e.g. 2011-2012. If the Graduation Year is not set in the STUDENT table then the range will look like this -2 - -1

Two Column with Overflow

This is a transcript which shows the subjects in two columns (one for each semester) listed down the left side and with room for overflow at the top right of the transcript. Graduation requirements are in two columns (required and earned).



Permanent Record Labels

To install the Permanent Record Label on your PowerSchool Server

Download and Save the permanent record label .pst (template file):

        Click here to download and save the file to your computer: 5164 (6sheet) Perm Rec Label for HS.pst 

        Click here to download and save the file to your computer: 5164 (6sheet) Perm Rec Label GR 6.pst 

        Click here for step by step directions: Downloading and Importing Permanent Record Labels.pdf

Importing the template file:

        Start Page>System>Import Report Template

                Character Set: choose the appropriate Mac Roman (Mac) or Windows Ansi (Windows)

                File to Import: Click Browse and navigate to the location of the file to be imported

               Click Import

Progress Reports

Progress Report 1

This progress report features a rounded grade listing with school and demographic information in the header section.

Columns in the report include: Period, Course, Teacher, Mark and Comments

Other columns that can be added include: Attendances & Tardies

To add this template to your server download the template and use the System >> Import Report template link to import into the
Report Cards section. (Start Page > System Reports > Setup > Report Cards)

Download 1.pst

Progress Report 2

This template is a version of template 1 modified by Becky Short of Fayette. Template is setup so that address block can be displayed to fit in a window envelope.

Template also has Attendance (Daily) and Tardies added to the footer

Customizations: You can modify the period reported for attendance by changing the code in the footer
Date Range: ^(*DABS;08/24/2011;09/23/2011)
Semester 1: ^(*DABS;S1)

Download 2.pst

Editing Tips:

To customize the schedule listing click the link in the report and modify the columns as required.
You will need to modify the length of the comments field if you add any more columns.

Reporting Engine Reports

Installation Instructions:

Discipline Log Entries

Discipline Log Entries.rpt

ReportWorks Reports

These files will need to be downloaded to your computer.

Right click on the links below and save to your desktop.

District Enrollment Summary.rwp

Permission Slip.rtf

Permission Slip.pdf

Mini Tiger.png