EMIS-R Financial Reporting Checklist

An authorized person in the district (EMIS Coordinator, Treasurer, etc.) will need to upload the flat files before running the data collection process and submitting the data to ODE.

Scheduled for the May 21, 2020 EMIS Release, the removal of capital asset reporting.  Capital assets are no longer needed and will no longer be collected during Period H reporting.

Data Source: Some of the data for financial reporting will be pulled directly from your live USAS data, while other portions will be pulled from what EMIS-R calls "flat files". The financial "flat files" include USAEMS_EMISR.SEQ  which contains the data in a predefined format. The following lists the data types reported for financial reporting, and where the data will come from for EMIS-R:

Cash, Expenditure, Revenue accounts:          USAS files(red star)
Operational Units:                                         USAS files(red star)
Cash Reconciliation:                                      Flat file (from USAEMS)
Federal Assistance Summary/Detail:             Flat file (from USAEMS)
Civil Proceedings:                                          Flat file (from USAEMS)
District/Building profile:                                Flat file (from USAEMS)

(red star) Account data and OPU data being pulled directly from the USAS files will be pulled either from the current year data or from account history data depending on the timing of when the EMIS-R data collection is run.

With that being said, we strongly recommend districts hold off making any updates to their OPUs or accounts (i.e. ACTCHG/FNDCHG) in FY20 until AFTER they have completed their EMIS-R reporting for FY19 Period H.

Uploading a Flat File in EMIS-R Data Collector:


This completes the uploading of a file into EMIS-R.

Collecting Financial Data in the EMIS-R Data Collector:



When viewing a record type via EXCEL, a column labeled "Record is Valid" indicates whether or not the record will be included in the submission.

Submitting the Financial Data to ODE

Post Submission Status

Be sure to check any and all reports that are returned from ODE in regards to Period H submissions. They will be available on a "Level 2 Validation' link on the Financial Manifest. You can also access the 'Reports' tab in the data collector, click on "Level 2 Reports' link, filter for FY20-H-Financial and click on 'show reports' to generate and review the reports from ODE. There is a guide under ODE’s EMIS Validation and Report Explanations page  called “Expenditure Detail Report (EXPD-001)” that explains the below reports in more detail.