Report definitions are easily downloaded, imported and shared.

Download a Report definition from USxSR

The ability to directly save a file to the download folder versus prompting the user to save the file in a particular location is based on their internet browser settings.

The recipient will follow the steps outlined in the 'Import a Report Definition into USxSR'.

Import a Report Definition into USxSR

i.e. Downloads folder

A tag is a field you can use to categorize your reports. You can enter as many values as you want, just separate them by commas.

 The report will now be listed in your Report Manager grid listed with your username as the created by. It will also display on the 'Home menu'.

Share Saved Report via a Role

This option allows you to share a report definition you created with users in your instance who have a specific role. 

The report will now display in the User's, with that checked Role, Report Manager Grid with a created by the person sharing the report and Home menu.