The following procedure outlines the steps to be taken to submit your Five Year Forecast and Assumptions to ODE via the EMIS-R Data Collector.

Forecast Line Numbers:

  • Fatal errors regarding rounding will be received for differences outside an acceptable threshold. These exceptions, along with any missing rows, will cause the collection to not be submittable to ODE.  Please refer the EMIS Manual Section 7.2 for a listing of the line numbers permitted in the forecast.

Forecast Assumptions

  • Forecast assumptions (a.k.a notes) must be uploaded and included at the time you 'CERTIFY & SUBMIT' the forecast via the data collector. (Forecast assumptions must be in TXT or PDF format). 


If your password has expired or you have forgotten your password, you can change and/or reset your password via the the "Forgot Password" link on the EMISFFE Log In box.  If you do not have an EMISFFE account or you cannot recall your username, please contact our EMIS department  MAIL_STAFF_EMIS@NWOCA.ORG for further assistance.   If your email address has changed, please contact our EMIS department so they can update your account.

An authorized person in the district (EMIS Coordinator, Treasurer, etc) will be running the data collection process and submitting the data to ODE via EMIS-R. The EMIS-R roles include the "collector", "reviewer" and "submitter". As Treasurer, you need to communicate with your EMIS Coordinator as to what role(s) you need in the process.

EMIS-R Data Collector 

If you have forgotten your username/password or it has expired please contact the EMIS department at or create a ticket to their department.

If the collected data encountered errors, a message will display with a direct link to the "Level I Validation Report". If the errors warrant changes to be made in the source system, you will need to start the process over with cancelling the current collection and then uploading the corrected file and re-collecting the data.