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  • Next Generation Online Assessment (PARCC Testing)
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  • LightSpeed:

NWOCA has allowed the domains, and under the Custom Category “NextGen Assessments” on the LightSpeed, which has been set to allow for all districts.   If you would like to check this you can go into your student RuleSet(s) under Custom Categories and make sure there is a green check mark beside “NextGen Assesments”.  The only domains that are allowed in this custom category are set by NWOCA.   The remaining URLs are currently categorized as “computers” under Business and Work.  This category was set to allow on all RuleSets by default, and can be checked in the Policy Management of your RuleSet.  These URLs are:,, and


  • Firewall:

                PARCC firewall requirements call for ports 80 and 443, which are already open, and ports 4480-4481 on your internal network which would only be blocked by a firewall on the local machine.  Turning off any local firewalls, or specifically opening those ports, on your testing computers is recommended.


  • Proxy Servers:

                For those of you that are using proxy servers for your students, I have made the same changes on your LightSpeed proxy servers.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NWOCA Hardware at 419-267-2804 or email us at .

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