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DateTimeLocationPackageTraining Topic/RegistrationDescription


9:00am-11:30amWebinarUSAS/USPSWave 8 Kickoff MeetingThe purpose of this meeting is to explain the migration process, expectations, address district questions for districts in Wave 8 as well as a basic navigation of the Redesign software.


9:00am-12:00pmWebinarUSPSPayroll OverviewThis session will be a basic introduction for those new to Redesign.  We will cover grids and icons to help you get comfortable with navigating around USPS-R.


9:00am-12:00pmWebinarUSPSPayroll ProcessingThis session will step users through the entire payroll process - entering exceptions through posting the payroll.


9:00am-12:00pmWebinarUSPSPayroll Follow Up ProcessingThis session will walk users through processing like paying deductions, submitting new hires, STRS/SERS per pay reports, month-end and quarter-end closings.


9:00am-10:00amWebinarUSASUSAS-R Basic Navigation, Accounts and VendorsThis will be a basic introduction for those new to Redesign. We will cover the grids, icons, accounts, and vendors to get you comfortable with navigating around USAS-R.


9:00am-10:00amWebinarUSASUSAS-R Expenditure ProcessThis is a basic introduction to the expenditure process in USASR from the creation of the requisition to disbursement.


8:30am-11:30amWebinarUSAS/USPSReports This session will walk users through generating a report, how to setup save and recall, all the options in the Report Manager as well as the Custom Report Creator. There will be time to work on individual report customization if desired.


9:00am-10:00amWebinarUSASReceipts, Refunds and Transfer/AdvancesThis training will provide an overview of processing Receipts and Refunds as well as give helpful tips on cloning, reversing and doing advanced query searches. This will also go through the Transfer/Advances process.


9:00am-10:00amWebinarUSASDisbursementsAn overview of creating disbursements, reconciling, voiding, Positive Pay, resequencing check numbers.


9:00am-9:30amWebinarUSASPurchase OrdersThis training will cover closing, amending, editing, repairing and basic searching of purchase order information.


9:00am-9:30amWebinarUSASPending TransactionsThis training will go through the process of posting or rejecting, pending transactions that come over from USPS-R