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This checklist is set up to help you navigate through an entire year of EMIS Staff and Course reporting.  Please see the sections below for the appropriate times to consult the checklist.


Table of Contents

Initial Staff and Course Collection (L)


  •  1. Make sure any new hires since the initial reporting period have been marked to be report to EMIS.
    • They will need a Y for reportable to EMIS in their BIOSCN and their JOBSCN, this may include multiple jobs.
    • Make sure Credential IDs are entered on BIOSCN in "State Assigned ID" field.
    • Update education and semester hours if applicable in DEMSCN.
    • Enter any prior years of experience in DEMSCN.
    • Other Areas to update may include:
      • Position Code in JOBSCN
      • Assign Area, Code, and % in JOBSCN
      • Use ODE EMIS Manual as a resource for coding and descriptions of codes.
  •  2. Update/add any new CC or CJ records.
    • Using the USPSWeb Application add CC or CJ records.
    • Once all data has been updated, run EMISR_COPY in the USPS_LCL menu.
      • This procedure extracts the CC and CJ data and loads it to the Data Collector for submission.
  •  3. Add Long Term Illness Days
    • Long Term Illness Days are Illness days that meet or exceed 15 consecutive days.
    • Add this total to the "Long Term Illness" days field in BIOSCN
  •  4. When your EMIS Staff and Course Collection- Final Submission is complete, run the USPEMS/USPEMX program to generate a file(s) containing your fiscal year information prior to entering information for the next fiscal year. 
    •  Once your USPEMX.SEQ file has been created, send an email to stating so.  
    •  You will receive email confirmation from NWOCA fiscal staff confirming your file is ready and you may continue processing.


Due to the importance of your USPEMX.SEQ and/or USPEMX_EMISR.SEQ file(s), please do not proceed with the next step until notified by NWOCA with an email.  NWOCA will run a procedure on their end to preserve the file(s).