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titleHow do I mass inactivate accounts?

You will want to go to the Utilities menu and select "Mass Load".  You will have to load different spreadsheets (cash, expenditure and revenue are the options) as they can NOT be combined on one.  In order to create the spreadsheet to use to load into Mass Load, start at the Account grid and filter for the accounts you want to make inactive, make sure all account dimensions are on your grid and you have the active column on your grid as well and then click on the report button and choosing the output format Excel-fieldnames. This will create a spreadsheet with the appropriate headers for the Mass Load program to work.  Remove all columns except the account dimensions and active status. You will then add/remove accounts as needed, change the active column to be false and save it as a CSV file. Once the CSV file is created/saved you will go to Utilities/Mass Load, upload your spreadsheet and choose the importable entity (cash, expenditure, revenue). 

**If you inactivate a cash account it will make all underlying accounts, approp, budget, and revenues inactive too. 

titleCan I use Account Filters on my Budgeting Sheets?

1. Edit your Scenario (or create one) under Budgeting/Scenarios

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2. Create a sheet

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3. Add/remove columns in the selected properties section

4. Click on the configure filters tab 

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5.  Drag the 'filter' property to the right

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6. Operation needs to be set to Equals
7. Value text box enter in your filter name EXACTLY like it is under Utilities/Account Filters

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8. Give the Sheet a name

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9. Save the Sheet and confirm creation
10. Save the Scenario.