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◊  All OPUs must have an IRN within your district 


Due to MOE Requirements, an early collection of financial data is required

You have the option to run an early collection before closing June in order to validate accounts and for MOE

Run an early collection of your financial data in EMIS-R


with the option to submit to ODE

◊  Enter "2018" in the fiscal year prompt of the USAEMSEDT - Federal Assistance Summary Option

◊  Run USAEMS and use UEMS_EMAIL to email the file to yourself.  Upload into EMIS-R

◊  Collect and prepare your data in the data collector to check for bad or missing values.

 Submit  Optionally submit the data to ODE in order to receive reports back via EMISWEB or the Secure Data Center (SDC).from ODE

◊  Make any necessary corrections before closing out the fiscal year.June 

Δ  5) If you planned to use the NYPMASS, NYPMNT, or NYPLOAD of the APPROP program to enter your proposed budgets and revenue estimates, this must be completed before running ADJUST to close the fiscal year. Otherwise, you can use IABMASS, IABMNT, or IABLOAD of the APPROP program once you have closed for the fiscal year.