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Restrictions during the advance:

♦  Modifications cannot be made to certain fields on jobs in the advance mode.

♦  Certain Pay Types can be processed on advance jobs. See the STRS chapter of the USPS User Guide for details

Δ  33) STRS follow-up on the Advance after all summer pays:

Ο  A) Run USPSDAT/USPCON. Verify the advance amount now shows as zero dollars.

♦  If not, run CHKSTRS, sorting it the same as STRSAD.TXT. Compare totals for each employee to those on the STRSAD.TXT. Any employee showing a differing amount should be researched.

♦  Any difference should be reported to STRS as a prior fiscal year correction if necessary. As suggested on the STRS Recap Sheet Guide, the district may want to track these adjustments.

Ο  B) Contact NWOCA to have any remaining STRS advance amounts removed from USPSDAT/USPCON.