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You have the option to run an early collection before closing June in order to validate accounts and for MOE

Run an early collection of your financial data in EMIS-R with the option to submit to ODE

  • Enter "20202021" in the fiscal year prompt of the USAEMSEDT - Federal Assistance Summary Option
  • Run USAEMS and use UEMS_EMAIL to email the file to yourself.  Upload into EMIS-R
  • Collect and prepare your data in the data collector to check for bad or missing values.
  • Optionally submit the data to ODE in order to receive reports back from ODE
  • Make any necessary corrections before closing out June 


  •  22. Please verify that the reports appear on the web page and are correct.
  •  23. Optional Send email to if you would like the reports from the MONTHLYCD and/or FISCALCD placed on CDROM. 
    • Please specify if you would like ONLY your FISCALCD reports placed on CDROM or BOTH your MONTHLYCD and FISCALCD reports to be placed on CDOMCDROM.


      There is an additional cost to have your monthlyCD/fiscalCD burnt to CDROM. Majority of districts have moved away from burning a CD of the information as it is available online and will be migrated into the Redesign for districts on State Software. 


    24. The GAAP_EXP option of USAEXP should be run at this time from your NORMAL account, if you use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting.

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