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    5. It is recommended that you balance the W2REPT quarterly to minimize problems at calendar year-end.

    •  Run W2PROC (saying "N" to Create Tape file prompt) to generate W2 reports.
      • Balance the deduction totals (taxes and annuities) on the W2REPT.TXT report with the totals from the PAYDED.TXT reports from the quarter.
      • Balance the gross amounts on the W2REPT.TXT report with BUDDIS.TXT reports for the quarter.


        These amounts may not balance due to the way W2PROC handles certain amounts (e.g. Medicare pickup).

        If errors are discovered, check employees that had exception processing during the quarter such as voided checks, error adjustments, or manual changes in USPSCN.  The AUDPRT can be useful in identifying these problems.


      Complete and balance the W2REPT Reconciliation Worksheet for the quarter following the directions on the worksheet.


    6. Run PAYDED to generate a non-zero deduction listing.  This will assure all deductions have been paid to date.

    • Under Selection Criteria:

      • Payment option = A
      • Pay cycle = leave blank
      • Deduction codes = leave blank
    • Once the report is generated, view the DEDRPT.TXT and verify that there are no outstanding deduction amounts.


    7. The total of all board paid amounts (if tracked on the system) should equal the total of all warrant checks to the vendor or deduction company.

    • CHEKPY can be run to generate a listing of all board paid deduction checks.
      • Sort options = C
      • Sub-total by vendor = Y
      • Print missing check numbers = N
      • Check types to select = M,W
      • Check statuses to select = leave blank
      • Print vendor from PO or check = P
      • Date Selection = January 1, XXXX to last day of quarter
      • Check Selection = leave blank
      • Summary or Detail report = S
      • Single or Double space summary report = S
      • Include or Exclude the following vendors? = I
      • Vendors = enter the vendor numbers for all board paid deductions

    8. Complete and file any required quarter-end submission forms.


    9. For city withholding, take the total gross on W2REPT.TXT times the city tax percentage.  The calculated figure should equal the amount listed on the W2REPT.TXT.  This amount should also equal the total checks submitted. 

    • CHKSTS can be run to generate a report of all checks created.

      • Sort Option = C

      • Print Option = A

      • Check Type = A

      • Specific Deduction Codes = enter all city deduction codes

      • Check Selection = leave blank

      • Issue Date = 01/01/XXXX to last day in quarter


Mobile employees could cause discrepancies.