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  •  19a. Send an email to NWOCA personnel (, indicating that you wish to use your  _D account for W2 Processing.

    20a. Run QRTRPT and zero out all data for the quarter and calendar year (option Y). Do NOT zero out fiscal year data.


      To insure the data cleared correctly, run the QRTRPT program again and verify that the year to date and quarter to date totals on the report are zero.

  •  21a. Run QRTRPT and zero out all data for the quarter and calendar year (option Y). Do NOT zero out fiscal year data.
    •  To insure the data cleared correctly, run the QRTRPT program again and verify that the year to date and quarter to date totals on the report are zero.
     22a. Continue with January payroll processing

Ready to process W2's from the D account

  •  23a22a. Log into _D account using username and password provided in the email instructions received from NWOCA personnel.
  •  24a23a. Check W2 abbreviations on city DEDNAM records. The W2 form will truncate the abbreviation to six characters even though the field in DEDNAM allows twelve characters.
  •  25a24a. If you have any employees who have Sylvania, Bowling Green, Oregon, Napoleon, Perrysburg, Maumee or Whitehouse City tax withheld, the tax information can be filed electronically.NWOCA will submit this data on your behalf. Insure the entity codes are on the respective DEDNAM city tax records. The information cannot be filed electronically unless the entity code is present (SYLV,  BOWLI, OREGO,  NAPOL, PBURG, MAUME, WHOUSE
  •  26a25a. For any cities using either the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) or the Central Collection Agency (CCA) to report city tax information, verify the tax entity code, the appropriate RITA and/or CCA three digit code, and RITA and/or CCA description are entered on the city USPSDAT/DEDNAM record. (Ex. Swanton- RITA Entity Code RO784) Contact RITA or CCA to obtain the entity codes.
  •  27a26a. Contact NWOCA with any other cities that require electronic reporting.
  •  28a27a. Insure the OSDI four digit code appears first in the W2 abbreviation field in DEDNAM, followed by the school name if there is space. The four-digit code is required on the W2.
  •  29a28a. Using the DEDSCN or the W2UPDT program, make any necessary changes to the YTD gross, YTD taxable gross and/or deductions for the W2 forms. Sources of these changes may be fringe benefits, life insurance costs, adoption assistance, third party pay, or a leased vehicle.

    30a29a. If an employee has reportable dependent care information that needs to appear in Box 10 of the W2 form, there are two ways of reporting: 


Questions on whether the dependent care is reportable or not should be directed to your district legal advisor
  •  31a30a. Insure portions of annuities identified as insurance are adjusted on the deduction records so they are taxed properly. If you are notified of this situation, you will need to increase the taxable gross on the 001, 002, and OSDI deductions for the amount identified as insurance and decrease the YTD annuity amount by the amount identified as insurance. If the city honored the annuity when the amount was withheld, the city records should also be updated.
  •  32a31a. Run YTDRPT if desired. This report generates year-to-date totals and a benefit statement for all employees, pay groups, or individual employees.
  •  33a32a. Run OAPSE if desired. This report generates a listing of employee name, SSN, birthday, and year-to-date gross.
This can be found in the USPS menu, select the USPS_LCL option, then OAPSE
  •  34a33a. Run W2PROC. (Inital run saying "N" to Create Tape file prompt) This program generates the following files:
    • W2ERR.TXT
    • W2REPT.TXT
    • W2FORM.TXT
    • W2FORM.DAT
    • W2CCA.SEQ (only CCA entities)
    • W2RITA.SEQ (only RITA entities)
    • W2CITY.DAT
  •  35a34a. Print the W2ERR.TXT and W2REPT.TXT reports and verify the data. Make changes to the data, if necessary, and rerun W2PROC. This program can be run as many times as necessary until all data is correct.

    36a35a. When all W2 data has been verified and is accurate run W2PROC again (Saying "Y" to the Create Tape file prompt)

    This will produce is a file called W2TAPE.SEQ which will be submitted to the federal and state taxing entities for you by NWOCA. For those districts reporting city tax information to RITA or CCA a file called W2CCA.SEQ and/or W2RITA.SEQ is generated. This file is used by NWOCA to submit the city tax information on your behalf.
    The W2FORM.DAT is used by NWOCA to print the actual W-2's for your district. If employees have more than two state, city, or OSDI tax records, the extra W-2 form necessary to accommodate this information will print on the W-2 immediately following the employee's primary W-2.
      W2CITY.DAT is used for other city submissions and should not be printed.
  •  37a 36a W2BREAK.TXT shows where the W2 forms should be separated for possible distribution. The report lists each sort field and its starting control number. This report does not apply to Name or SSN sort options
  •  38a37a. Once all data is correct, contact NWOCA (within 48 hours) via email ( with instructions to print the W-2 forms. Notification will be sent by NWOCA personnel when the W2's have been printed.

    39a38a. Mail the State IT-3 form and select city taxation forms(s) (if applicable) to NWOCA


    If necessary, an IT-3 form can be printed here

  •  40a39a. From the USPS_ANN menu, run the CALENDARCD program
This procedure generates a standard set of calendar year-end reports and makes them available via the PAYROLLCD web directory.
  •  41a40a. Verify that the reports were copied to payrollCD.
  •  42a41a. Run the procedure @PAY:USPS_CALENDAR_COPY or from the MENU>USPSCALEND