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In order to import OGT scores, you must first upload the custom OGT screen, the link is provided below.  It is likely that your district has already uploaded this screen.  To double check, choose any student in PowerSchool > Custom Screens and if you see OGT Tests listed on the left hand side, you may skip this step and move to the Instructions for Importing the Custom OGT Screen on page 2 where it reads, "Importing Data into the Screen". 

Instructions for Importing Data and the Custom OGT Screen.pdf
Emergency & Parent Screens to bridge gap with eSIS

The screens provided by Pearson to bridge the gap between the eSIS parent and emergency contacts are included below.  It is suggested these be applied to a test server for review prior to installation on a production server.  The PDF document posted includes the instructions provided by Pearson for installation of these screens.  Direct server access is required to complete this installation.  If a district does not have this direct access yet, they should request it by adding a Help Desk ticket to

Please be aware, the installation of these screens adds over 200 custom fields to your PowerSchool database.  The ability to add custom fields to your PowerSchool does provide a large degree of flexibility within the software application.  Currently there is a limit to the number of custom fields a district can add to PowerSchool though.  That limit is at 999 fields.  Over and above the 200+ custom fields included in these screens, most of the EMIS reporting fields within PowerSchool are also custom fields already in your PowerSchool.  As EMIS fields are added by Pearson, your count of custom fields used does increase as well.    Using system > custom field you can see the custom fields already in your PowerSchool. 

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