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Sample 1 - Initial Email

Hello Staff, Volunteers, Coaches, et al,


We highly recommend 2FA on all your personal accounts too (to help keep you safe).


Sample 2 - Follow-Up Reminder

(bcc staff who haven't completed enrollment and their respective administrators)

Hello Group:

If you are receiving this email, you are one of the (XX) remaining staff/coaches/volunteers in the district who still need to enroll in 2FA/MFA on your school provided Google account.

The current plan is to enforce enrollment on (DATE). If you have not enrolled in 2FA/MFA by that date, you will be locked out of your account and you will have to contact the tech department to get it resolved (which might require an in person visit).

We are trying to avoid making anyone jump through unnecessary hoops and we want to make this as seamless as possible.

Here are the simple instructions for setting up 2FA/MFA on your Google Account:

  • The easiest method for authentication is a text message or the Gmail app. Anyone who does not want to use a personal device/phone number can use the classroom phone or the one-time keys provided by Google (there are 10 to start with and the list can be refreshed).

If you would like more help, the tech department is also willing to with with you (or a call) and walk you through the process. Just submit a helpdesk ticket to get that conversation started.

We also highly recommend 2FA/MFA on all of your personal accounts too (to help keep you digitally protected)!


Sample 3 - Administration email before the deadline

(Discussion and administrative communication should have already taken place before this email is sent out. Building administration should be expecting this email. You may also find that some of these accounts are specialized accounts, one offs, etc., so be prepared for further discussions and needing to work out necessary permissions - like printing.)


It looks like there are only (XX) left on the 2FA/MFA list for (BUILDING):


We need these individuals to set up 2FA/MFA if they are going to keep school accounts.

Can you check with them or let me know how you would like to proceed. They can set up a time to meet with the tech department to complete their enrollments (if we are going to keep their accounts).

Let me know if you have any questions concerning this.


Sample 4 - Deadline Past

(bcc staff who haven't completed enrollment and their respective administrators)

Hello Staff,

We just passed the deadline for staff to setup Google 2FA. If you are receiving this email, then the reports in the Google admin console indicate that you have not setup your 2FA/MFA yet.

We are enforcing it now, so you will be locked out of their account and need to contact the Tech department to set it up.


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