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Note -  These are best practices when using Smart Play, if you are using Force Restricted Mode please read this article to learn more: Video Rules.


Smart Play

If your students can access YouTube and are seeing some videos blocked as below, Smart Play is at work.


If a video is uncategorized then the expectation is to submit that video URL to the page. This will let the Database team know and they will scan the video to categorize it accordingly. Once this has been scannedcompleted, your Relay database will update to match the category it's in. Most of the time this will take about an hour to dowhat Lightspeed has determined. Also, please understand this doesn’t mean Lightspeed will automatically allow it. If they categorize the video as mature you’ll still need to add it to the Custom Allow List to override the category.


If the video is categorized as unknown or mature enter your email address and the reason you would like the video to be reviewed. Once submitted you will receive an email acknowledging your review request followed by the result of the review. Anyone is able to use the Dynamic Database Lookup to check and request Lightspeed to review a URL. Meaning that Teachers can check and request videos be reviewed without having to involve their IT department.

Video Rules - Custom Allow/Block List

Video List

There is a 100 video limit per group for the Custom Allow/Block Video List, this is intended as all videos should be submitted to Lightspeed’s Database team for review. The main use of the custom lists is to override the categories Lightspeed has assigned. A secondary function the list can serve is as a temporary allow/block while waiting for Lightspeed to review the content. Once it has been reviewed, the URL should then be removed from the custom list unless it goes against what the district wants.


The same recommendation applies to blacklist channels instead of individual videos. If a video is determined not appropriate the channel most likely isn't either.

Default Rules:

As with Video Rules, the best method to filter sites is to recategorize them rather than adding them to the Custom Allow/Block list. The custom lists have their uses, however, most of the time recategorizing sites will accomplish your filtering needs.


Default Rules - Custom Allow/Block List

There is a 500 entry limit for the Custom Allow/Block Video List per Group/OU. This means that you will only want to use the list for specific URLs and not entire websites. For example, if you want users to be able to access

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