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  1. Create a spreadsheet with the specific column headings listed below. 


    If you have a large number of employees to load, another option would be to load the COVID Federal Deduction Fields.json file from the report repository into your reports manager to create your spreadsheet with the Employee ID and configuration code already populated.

    • employee.number
    • configuration.code
    • customFields.COVID19SelfAmount.value
    • customFields.COVID19OthersAmount.value
    • customFields.COVID19EmergencyFamilyAmount.value
  2. Fill in the ID, code “001” for the Federal Payroll Item, and the amounts that you have tracked for each individual.
  3. The 3 COVID fields have max amounts.
    • COVID Self - $5,110
    • COVID Other - $2,000
    • COVID Emergency - $10,000
  4. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv.

    Remember the format of the Federal Configuration Code column needs to be 3 characters in length for the system to recognize the leading zeros in the 001 deduction.

  5. Once your spreadsheet is complete you can upload the data through Utilities/Mass Load, using FederalTaxItem for the Importable Entities.