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  •  21.  Create the STRSAD.YY06 submission file.
    • Option 2 - Actual STRS advance payment calculation and STRS fiscal report generation.
      • STRSAD.YY06 is generated
      • Sets the STRS Period Closing Date in USPSDAT/USPCON to 06/YYYY
      • Flags all 
     Once the data has been verified for the advance, run the STRSAD program again, this time selecting Option 2. This option creates the file that will be submitted electronically to STRS and sets the STRS period closing date field in the
      • .
      • Sets the STRS Advance Mode field in USPSDAT/USPCON to


      • *.
      • Places the total advance amount in the STRS Advance Amount field in USPSDAT/USPCON.
      • Places an * in the STRS Advanced Mode field on USPSCN/JOBSCN for all jobs listed on the STRSAD.TXT.
  •  22.  Print and file the final copies of the STRSAD.TXT


  • , STRSAD.RPT, and NONADV.TXT reports.


  •  2223. Notify NWOCA via email ( that your STRS data is ready to submit to STRS electronically.  Even though you are submitting your own file to STRS, NWOCA runs a procedure on the STRSAD file and reports so they are not ever purged off the system.

Due to the importance of your STRSAD reports, and STRSAD file, please do not proceed with the next step until notified by NWOCA with an email.

  •  2224IF you have third party information (for example, Rachel Wixey) that needs merged with your STRSAD.YY06 file.  Send the third party file(s) to NWOCA using the secure file transfer option.  NWOCA will merge the information and send the updated file back to you.
  •  2325. Run ANNSTRSSND to submit STRSAD.YY06 file electronically to STRS.
  •  26.  Verify the file was sent on the system by going to the second screen of USPSDAT/USPCON.  Your user name should appear in the STRS Ann. File Sent By field and a current date in the STRS Ann. File Sent On field.

Fiscal Year-End Closing

  •  2427.  Run @PAY:USPS_FISCAL_COPY or from the MENU>USPSFISCAL to make a copy of your payroll files for the fiscal year.
Due to the importance of securing a copy of the payroll files once the fiscal copy procedure is complete, you will receive an automated email message indicating you are NOT to proceed with the next step in this procedure until notified by NWOCA.  The NWOCA Fiscal Staff will insure the copy procedure ran successfully and will respond to you via email with instructions to continue with your closing process. Please wait until this message is received from NWOCA before proceeding. 
  •  2528. Run USPAUDIT to create a USPS submission file for Auditors.
    • Fiscal Year of extraction = current fiscal year
    • Start Date = 07/01/YYYY
    • Stop Date = 06/30/YYYY
    • Send data to AOS now = Y
  •  2629. Run the official option of AUDRPT.
    • Demand of Official Report = O
    • Detail or Summary or Both = B
    • Print employee name on report = Y
    • Sort Options = ID
    • Specific Operations = A
    • Date selection = 07/01/YYYY to 06/20/YYYY
    • Specific Files = leave blank
    • Specific Usernames = leave blank
    • Specific Employees = leave blank
  •  2930. Run QRTRPT selecting option F - Zero QTD and FTD Totals. In addition, when this option is chosen a prompt will ask if you would like to clear the EMIS specific fields on JOBSCN.
  •  3031. Run QRTRPT selecting option F - Zero QTD and FTD Totals to insure the quarter and fiscal year to date data was cleared, 



Restrictions during the advance:

  • JOBSCN fields that can not be modified to a job in the advance mode are:
    • Contract Start
    • Contract Stop
    • Job Status
    • Pay Plan
    • Retirement Code
    • Obligation
    • Amount
    • Amount Paid
    • Amount Due
    • Amount Docked
    • Equal Pays Flag
    • Hours Per Day
    • Pay Unit
    • Pay Per Period
    • Unit Amount
    • Number of Pays
    • Number of Pays Paid
    • Work Days
    • Days Worked
  • Pay types of REG and IRR can not be processed on jobs flagged in the advance. 
  • Pay types of DCK, BCK, TRM, MIS, OT, SHP, NC1, and POF can be processed, but keep in mind could effect STRS advance balancing.
  •  3132. After all fiscal year pays have been paid, go to the second screen of USPSDAT/USPCON and verify the following:
    • STRS Advance Mode field is blank
    • STRS Advance Amount field is blank 
      • If not, run CHKSTRS (sorting it the same as the STRSAD.TXT is sorted). Compare totals for each employee on the two reports.  Any employee showing a differing amount should be researched.
      • Any difference should be reported to STRS as a prior fiscal year correction if necessary.
      • Contact NWOCA to have any remaining STRS advance amounts removed from USPSDAT/USPCON.