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Restrictions during the advance:

  • Modifications cannot be made to certain fields on jobs in the advance mode.JOBSCN fields that can not be modified to a job in the advance mode are:
    • Contract Start
    • Contract Stop
    • Job Status
    • Pay Plan
    • Retirement Code
    • Obligation
    • Amount
    • Amount Paid
    • Amount Due
    • Amount Docked
    • Equal Pays Flag
    • Hours Per Day
    • Pay Unit
    • Pay Per Period
    • Unit Amount
    • Number of Pays
    • Number of Pays Paid
    • Work Days
    • Days Worked
  • Pay types of REG and IRR can not be processed on jobs flagged in the advance. 
  • Pay types of DCK, BCK, TRM, MIS, OT, SHP, NC1, and POF can be processed, but keep in mind could effect STRS advance balancing.