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  •  1. For any employee that will be retiring at the end of the fiscal year, calculate the cost of life insurance over $50,000. Using the USPSCN/UPDCAL_CUR or USPSCN/UPDCAL_FUT program, the amount should be included as part of their final pay using a pay type of NC1. For an example and in depth discussion of the calculation process, refer to the "Reporting Taxable Amount of Life Insurance Premiums" chapter of the USPS User GuidePremiums .

EMIS Staff Reporting

Please note the EMIS year-end reporting process may or may not be completed, depending on your internal policy


  •  27. Run USPAUDIT to create a USPS submission file for Auditors.
  •  28. Run AUDRPT choosing the O-Official option. Check the payroll CD to verify that the Official AUDRPT copied out properly.
  •  29. Run QRTRPT again, this time clearing all data for the quarter and the fiscal year (option F). In addition, when this option is chosen a prompt will ask if you would like to clear the EMIS specific fields in JOBSCN.
  •  30. To insure the data cleared correctly, run the QRTRPT program again (demand option N) and verify that the fiscal year to date totals on the report are zero.

Post Fiscal Year-End Closing


Restrictions during the advance:

  • Modifications cannot be made to certain fields on jobs in the advance mode.
  • Certain Pay Types can be processed on advance jobs. See the STRS chapter of the USPS User Guide for details