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Report DefinitionDescription
This report lists enabled Users in USPS. It contains username, name, last login and their assigned roles with descriptions of those roles.
This can be created in .CSV format and used for Benelogic reporting/upload.
This report generates a Future Pay Report by or for pay group(s).
This report will generate an account history report for a date range.
This report will generate a total of employees by gender for a specific pay date. This can be used the current employment statistics (CES) reporting to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
This report will generate a total gross for the calendar year for all employees that had the OAPSE payroll item withheld. This can be generated in EXCEL format for OAPSE reporting.
This report can be created in .CSV format and used for reporting 403b and 457 (REMIT) reporting.
This report is a replacement for Classic's CURPAY.
This report can be run for a specific payroll item for a date range and total by employee.
This report will provide attendance details by building.
EMIS_list.rpd-jsonLists employees with their compensation, employee, and position flags. Also lists an employee's position information and can filter out specific pay groups

USPS-Reports for Mass Loading Description
EMIS Years of Experience.rpd-jsonThis report will extract data and heading titles for updating EMIS fields: Authorized Years of Experience, Total Years of Experience, and Principal Years of Experience 
EMIS Long Term Illness Days.rpd-jsonThis report will extract data and heading titles to use for clearing EMIS long term illness days.