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  •  6. Upload the Forecast flat file
    • Click on "Data Sources" (this tab is to the far right of the other tabs)
    • Then select "Other Data Sources"
    • Locate the Data Source for the Forecast period and click on "Manage"
      • Delete any files currently in the data source for the 'Forecast'
    • Click "Upload File" to select the forecast flat file currently stored on your computer (i.e. DISTRICTIRN_FFE.SEQ flat file from EMISFFE)
      • Browse to the file on your computer you want to upload into EMIS-R and click Open.
      • Then click on "Upload"
      • This completes the uploading of a file into EMIS-R.
  •  7. Collecting Forecast Data
    • Click on the "Collection Requests" tab in the data collector and locate the Forecast (period P) manifest. Click on "Start Collection".
    • Make sure the correct data source (Forecast) is checked. Then click on "Start Data Collection for all items checked below".
      • Click the "Collection Status" tab to check the status of your current collection
      • Once the collection is 'complete', click on the "Collection Request Tab" and then click on "Prepare" (under the forecast manifest) to prepare the collection for review.