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  •  Review outstanding requisitions
    • If you have outstanding requisitions from prior years that you do not intend on converting to purchase orders, you can delete the unnecessary requisitions before extracting your data.

      Classic Reports REQSUM or REQDET can be used to review Requisitions

  •  Review import errors that you receive from the Fiscal team and make all requested corrections.
  •  Review the Classic Carryover Reconciliation sent to you by the Fiscal Team. Notify them of any questions.
  •  Review and respond accordingly to the outstanding .BATCH, .INPROGRESS OR .REJECTED files listing for the district that was sent by the Fiscal Team, if any. 
  •  A spreadsheet will be sent to you with your current users, please review and let us know who should be an active user. Please provide other info requested.

    Notify the fiscal team how you would like to proceed with your Financial Report setup.


    When you go live with Redesign, Classic FISCWEB will no longer be accessible. Redesign offers several different alternatives to Classic FISCWEB. 

    1. Cron Job or Report Bundle – This process would e-mail a user a report/s at a scheduled time.

    2. Generic User Account - This process provides a user with a generic username/password to log into USAS and generate predetermined reports. 

    3. Link Listed on a Webpage – This process provides a webpage that users will go to click on their “link” and enter a username/password to view the report.

    4. Regular User Account Access – Users would log into USAS and have the ability to generate reports on demand based on their account filter and access levels.

  •  Ensure all BRDDIS, BRDRET and payroll batch files that need posted have been posted.
  •  Run DELACT (optional)   DELACT can be run to review the report and remove old or obsolete accounts.  If you have recently purged a district's USAS data, you can review accounts that may qualify for deletion using the DELACT report.  When running the report (option 1), specify to check 10 years of history to determine if the accounts the system qualifies as deletable on the account file (ACCT.IDX) contain historical amounts (USAHIST.IDX) within the past 10 years.  If they qualify for deletion but contain historical amounts within the 10 year time frame, they will be denoted with an asterisk. 
    • For accounts that contain an asterisk, if you decide to delete the account in Classic, it will remove it from the ACCT.IDX file but it will not remove it from USAHIST.IDX.  A maximum of 10 years of historical amounts from USAHIST.IDX is extracted and imported into Redesign so the account will be imported and visible on the account grid but will be inactive by default.
    • For accounts that do not contain an asterisk, there is no historical data in USAHIST.IDX within the 10 year time frame.  If you decide to delete the account in Classic, it will remove it from the ACCT.IDX file and it will not be imported into Redesign. (NOTE: this also includes newly created accounts that do not contain amounts yet).