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Select the "Year-End" option and run for "FISCAL"

◊  You will be preparing your fiscal year-end reports from your "B" account; therefore you may indicate to this program that you have already generated those reports.



Once you have completed the above steps, you have completely closed your NORMAL account for June and can begin processing for July.

Δ  18) Run the USAEMSEDT program - from your "B" account

◊  Remember you must complete/enter each option 1-4 of the USAEMSEDT program even if you have no data for that particular section.

◊  Create and check the report for each option

    • CSHREC.TXT - Cash Reconciliation
    • FEDSUM .TXT - Federal Assistance Summary
    • FEDDET.TXT - Federal Assistance Detail
    • CVLPRC.TXT - Civil Proceedings

Δ  19) Run the USAEMS program if you are satisfied with the accuracy of the reports. From your "B" account

◊  Answer "N" to "Are you extracting for an Information Technology Center?" If no errors are encountered, two .SEQ files will be created containing the necessary financial data for EMIS reporting. An email message will also be automatically sent to the EMIS staff as well as the Fiscal staff indicating the file has been created and is ready to be loaded.



If warnings are encountered, the .SEQ file will still be created and the automated email sent. If corrections need to be made, notification should be sent the EMIS staff ( indicating the file should not be loaded at that time, corrections can be made and USAEMS re-run to generate an updated file.


NWOCA EMIS staff will load your data into EMIS and run validations on it. The EMIS staff will then contact the EMIS contact that you provided in the USAEMS program to review the validation reports and go over any discrepancies and correct the data as needed. Once the reports have been resolved you will need to contact the EMIS staff and authorize them to submit your district's data to ODE.


Δ  20) Run the UEMS_EMAIL from your "B" account

◊  This program will email the USAEMS_EMISR.SEQ file to your NWOCA email. Once the file is received you will either email it to the person designated to upload files into EMIS-R or you will upload the file. For information on how to upload a flat file into EMIS-R please see the EMIS-R handout.

Δ  21) Run the USASAUD program from your "B" account

◊  Answer "Y" to the question "Send data to AOS now." This program will take information from the Account Master, Vendor, Check, and Receipt files and create 3 new data files, ACCTAUD.SEQ, VENDAUD.SEQ, and TRANAUD.SEQ, do not print. It will also generate and send a summary FINSUMM by fund. (.TXT files of this data will also be generated.)

Δ  22) Perform Fiscal Year-End copy from your "B" account

Log into your "B" account at the menu prompt enter the command:


Due to the importance of securing a copy of the USAS files, once the fiscal copy procedure is complete you will receive an automated email message indication that you are NOT to proceed with the next step in this procedure until notified by NWOCA.
NWOCA staff will respond to you via email with instructions to continue with the procedure. Wait until this message is received from NWOCA before proceeding.


Δ  23) Log into your "B" account and at the menu prompt enter the command:


◊  You will be prompted whether you want to generate the reports for NOW or LATER. (NOW would cause it to run immediately and LATER will run at night.) We recommend LATER to relieve load on the system during the day.



Please IGNORE the message at the end of the FISCALCD program that tells you to wait to run ADJUST until after FISCALCD has completed. This message is there for the benefit of the majority of the districts around the state who do not utilize monthly copy accounts.

◊  Upon completion of FISCAL CD you will receive an email message in your "B" account; the reports will be accessible via the following URL:

-xx meaning the two character abbreviation used for your districts archive account

 Δ  24) Please verify that the reports appear on the web page and are correct.

Δ  25) Send email to if you would like the reports from the MONTHLYCD and/or FISCALCD placed on CDROM. Please specify if you would like ONLY your FISCALCD reports placed on CDROM or BOTH your MONTHLYCD and FISCALCD reports to be placed on CDOM.

Image Removed POST Fiscal Year-End Closing

Δ  26) Compile your capital assets information before period H closes.


◊  Follow the "NWOCA EIS Closing Procedures" handout through at least step 3 EISEMS.


◊  Follow the "Capital Asset Reporting for NON-EIS Districts" handout.



You will need to notify the NWOCA EMIS staff upon completion and specify which way you are reporting your capital assets information either entered/exported through EMIS-FFE or created EISEMS.SEQ . You will also want to state that USAEMS data has already been submitted.



If you plan to use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting or to access the Legacy Cash Reports continue with step 27.

Δ  27) The GAAP_EXP option of USAEXP should be run at this time from your NORMAL account, if you use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting.


◊ GAAP_EXP will create the file necessary for uploading into the WEB_GAAP system and also allows you to enter the email address of the person you wish to send the export file to. Multiple addresses may be entered by separating them with commas.

For more information on Web-GAAP and legacy cash reports you can go to the GAAP Wikki