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Log into your "B" account at the menu prompt enter the command:


Due to the importance of securing a copy of the USAS files, once the fiscal copy procedure is complete you will receive an automated email message indication that you are NOT to proceed with the next step in this procedure until notified by NWOCA.
NWOCA staff will respond to you via email with instructions to continue with the procedure. Wait until this message is received from NWOCA before proceeding.


Δ  21) Log into your "B" account and at the menu prompt enter the command:


◊  You will be prompted whether you want to generate the reports for NOW or LATER. (NOW would cause it to run immediately and LATER will run at night.) We recommend LATER to relieve load on the system during the day.


 Δ  23) Send email to if you would like the reports from the MONTHLYCD and/or FISCALCD placed on CDROM. Please specify if you would like ONLY your FISCALCD reports placed on CDROM or BOTH your MONTHLYCD and FISCALCD reports to be placed on CDOM.

Δ  24) The GAAP_EXP option of USAEXP should be run at this time from your NORMAL account, if you use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting.


◊ GAAP_EXP will create the file necessary for uploading into the WEB_GAAP system and also allows you to enter the email address of the person you wish to send the export file to. Multiple addresses may be entered by separating them with commas.