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◊  Follow the "Capital Asset Reporting for NON-EIS Districts" handout.

 Δ  26) Submit your financial data via EMIS-R.

Please refer to the  Financial (Period H) Submission Checklist for more information on submitting your data via EMIS-R



If you plan to use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting or to access the Legacy Cash Reports continue with step 27.



27) The GAAP_EXP option of USAEXP should be run at this time from your NORMAL account, if you use the Web-GAAP system for GASB34 reporting.

◊ GAAP_EXP will create the file necessary for uploading into the WEB_GAAP system and also allows you to enter the email address of the person you wish to send the export file to. Multiple addresses may be entered by separating them with commas.

For more information on Web-GAAP and legacy cash reports you can go to the GAAP Wikki