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Table of Contents

How to Properly Drop and Add a Section.pdf
How to Properly Drop and Add a Section.pdf

nameHow to Properly Drop and Add a Section.pdf

End of Term Checklist.pdf

nameEnd of Term Checklist.pdf

Single Sign-on Parent Accounts.pdf

Parent Single Sign-On offers a number of benefits, including access to multiple students with one login, a personalized account for each parent and guardian, and the ability for parents/guardians to retrieve their own login information. Parent Single Sign-On changes the way in which parents/guardians access their students’ academic records using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. This guide is designed to assist you through the process of enabling and setting up Parent Single Sign-On in PowerSchool.

nameSingle Sign-on Parent Accounts.pdf

Graduation Planner Setup.pdf

nameGraduation Planner Setup.pdf

My favorite searches & DATs.pdf

I created this document based on the searches that I use most often.  If you would like me to add any searches or DATs to the list, please email me the data at  You can also add a comment below.  Additionally, I came across a document on PowerSource, 7671 that lists many more useful searches.

nameMy favorite searches & DATs.pdf

Pre-registering students.pdf

namePre-registering students.pdf

End of Year.pdf

nameEnd of Year.pdf

Start of Year Checklist.pdf

namePowerSchool Start of Year Checklist with Details.pdf

Locker assignments in PS.pdf

nameLocker assignments in PS.pdf

Mobile App Configuration.pdf

Troubleshooting tip: some usernames & passwords are case sensitive.  If your teachers are unable to log in, try capitalizing the initials.  For example, if the teacher is used to entering ktingle as their username, have them try KTingle.

nameMobile App Configuration.pdf

GE Import 12-13.pdf