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Mobile employees could cause discrepancies
  •  22.  OAPSE Report, if needed.Report 

      Download the OAPSE Report.rpd-json file if you don’t currently have it as an option on your Home screen or under Report Manager.

      titleDownload instructions for the OAPSE Report.rpd-json
      • Go to the Report Repository found on NWOCA’s Redesign Wiki.

      • Click OAPSE Report.rpd-json to download to your PC
      • In Redesign, go to Reports/Reports Manager.
      • Click Import Report.
      • Browse to locate OAPSE Report.rpd-json
      • Save the report to your Report Manager.

    •  Generate Report to collect the data 
      • Use Excel-Data format
      • Query Options- enter your OAPSE deduction code(s)
      • Save in your files for reporting of Annual Wages to OAPSE.
  •  23. Only if hard copies of quarter end reports are desired, run the following:
    •  Reports/Employee Master (all data)
    •  Reports/Employee Earnings Register