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If a video is uncategorized then the expectation is to submit that video URL to the page. This will let the Database team know and they will scan the video to categorize it accordingly. Once completed, your Relay database will update to match what Lightspeed has determined. Also, please understand this doesn’t mean Lightspeed will automatically allow it. If they categorize the video as mature you’ll you will still need to add it to the Custom Allow List to override the category.


There is a 500 entry limit for the Custom Allow/Block Video List per Group/OU. This means that you will only want to To stay under the limit use the list lists for specific URLs and not entire websites whenever possible. For example, if you want users to be able to access a specific page on Facebook, but not the entire site you should enter in the full URL for that page instead of "**" or "*". This also works for certain sections of sites. Continuing with Facebook, let's say that The Virtual Artroom's videos need to be allowed, but not all of Facebook. To do this, enter in video selection URL followed by a wildcard. This will allow all the videos from The Virtual Artroom's Facebook page.

Please note that will allow the video page, however with video players there could be an asset running in the background that may also need unblocked.

Section of a site: **
Specific URL: *

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