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PowerTeacher Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why do my teachers have to wait 10 - 20 seconds every time they launch their grade books?

Answer:  The grade book is a Java Web Start program, that is why Java is launched on the client computer when the grade book is launched. This is one of the reasons why the grade book can be used offline, when not connected to the server. The first time the grade book is launched, the program is cached (files downloaded) on the user’s machine. Every time after that, the program checks to make sure the user has the most recent files and downloads any updates that may be available. This all goes on without any user interaction. Doing all this takes a few seconds which is why there is a bit of a delay.

Question:  A teacher in my district entered an assignment comment in the grade book.  Now when they click on the backpack then teacher comments, nothing appears for the student.  Can I be certain that the parent will see this comment on the parent portal?

Answer:  Once the comment is entered on the assignment, this will appear in the student's Grades & Attendance screen on the public portal.  The parent/guardian would need to click on the overall grade for the class and the assignment score will be blue and click able, once clicked the comments will appear (this can be viewable on the Quick Lookup screen on the admin side as well).  The Teacher Comments on the portal side will appear once teachers have posted final grade comments but would need to be wiped out for the next end of term. For further reading, please refer to PowerSource article, 10829.

Mobile App Configuration.pdf

NOTE: The user name and passwords for PowerTeacher mobile devices are case sensitive.  If you are unable to log in, try capitalizing your first initial and/or the first letter of your last name (for example).

*This document is also posted under PowerSchool > PowerSchool Documentation > Mobile App Configuration

PT Gradebook set up with exam.pdf
Notes on the Exam Bucket in PowerTeacher Grade Book.pdf



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