**You will need the MAC address of the devices. A CSV file can be used.**

**Be sure to remove any group policies created that would install the User Agent**

Log into mobile.lsfilter.com

If you do not have an account, click "Sign Up"

The Serial Number is the Customer ID found in the Lightspeed Rocket Settings page (lightspeed.nwoca.org go to settings on the left - click on your district in the middle of the page).

In the Organization Tab you will need to note the School ID and the Uninstall Password.

Add your District PAT address to the Servers field towards the bottom.

Now go to the Devices tab

You will need to add every device that you want to uninstall. This can be done using a CSV file or done by device. 

Click on Add Device

Once the devices are added you can either remove the agent manually using the password listed in the Organization tab or with group policy. 

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