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How can I access SuccessMaker on more than 1 of my N-Computing workstations, at the same time?

NWOCA has worked out an agreement with Pearson to beta test some software that will allow SuccessMaker to run on multiple workstations simultaneously.  Since this is a beta program, you must obtain the software from NWOCA.  Once you have the software, please follow these steps:

1) On the N-Computing host, install the NIU Software.  During the install process it will ask you how many Virtual IP Interfaces you would like to create.  Enter the number of nodes/stations that are attached to that host.  Once the software is installed, you must active the software with the serial number that was provided.  There is a unique serial number for each host.

2) Also on the N-Computing host, install the Pearson PortUtility software. After installation restart the host.

3) Test that the software is working by launching, logging in, and accessing one of the SuccessMaker assignments on at least 2 nodes/stations at the same time.

4) Once you have successfully installed the fix, please report back to NWOCA the number of hosts the software is installed on and how many nodes/stations each hosts has.  This report is part of the beta test agreement between NWOCA and Pearson.


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