Powerschool no longer supports FTP and has no support for FTPS. This means districts that have used FileZilla in the past can no longer use that solution.

There's another piece of software called "SFTPGo", an open source SFTP server written in Golang.


You can find the installation files on the project's releases page here: https://github.com/drakkan/sftpgo/releases

After executing the installation, the software run SFTP on port 2022 and listens via HTTP at by default. 


Districts will need to update the configuration to run SFTP on port 22 to work with PowerSchool. This can be done by modifying the following:

Navigate to the installation directly (default:  C:\Program Files\SFTPGo\). Open sftpgo.json in notepad. Change the following line from:

"bind_port": 2022,


"bind_port": 22,

Save the file and restart the SFTPGo Windows Service to apply the changes.

Adding Users:

To add users, navigate to on the machine which has SFTPGo installed. From there, you can add a user.

Username, Password, and Home Dir are required fields to create an account.

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