If you have Chromebooks or an Android phone, users can enable 2FA without a phone number by using a Google prompt from a logged-in device.

Below are the steps

  1. Have the staff member log into a domain Chromebook or an Android device
  2. Using a school (or personal) laptop/desktop - have the staff member follow the steps to set up 2FA (again: not on the Chromebook from step 1 above)
    1. Google 2FA will recognize the CB as an android device and bypass the need for a phone number
  3. Continue going through the 2FA steps and select "Use another backup option" when presented with the phone number prompt
  4. Download the codes

Once completed - you are safe to log out of the Chromebook in step 1. The codes will serve as the 2FA method moving forward for that user.

Note: Not tested - whether Chromebooks need Google Play enabled. All Chromebooks tested for step 1 had Google Play enabled. If you are not getting the results above, consider moving the Chromebook to an OU with Google Play enabled.

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