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USPIMPORT Import CSV File Specification
Note USPIMPORT Determines what each field in the CSV file represents based on the column it is in. Therefore placeholders must be used for those columns that do not contain actual data. A placeholder can simply be represented by a comma in the CSV file.

USPIMPORT Beta Version Layout

A - Record type (Currently can only be AA which represents absence/attendance) Position 1
B - Employee Id Position 2
C - Job Number (Optional) Position 3
D - Location Code (Optional) Position 4
E - Transaction Date Position 5
F - Transaction Type Position 6
G - Transaction Category Position 7
H - Transaction LengthPosition 8
I - Tracking Unit (i.e. D = Daily, H = hourly) Position 9
J - Unit Amount (Optional) Position 10
K - Appointment Type (Optional) Position 11
L - Sub For SSN (Optional) Position 12
M - Sub Category (Optional) Position 13
N - Account Code (or XREF code) (Optional) Position 14
O - Calculate Gross Flag (Y,N) (Optional) Position 15
P - Retirement Hours (Optional) Position 16
Q - Pay Type (REG, MIS, NC1, etc.) (Optional) Position 17
R - Tax Option (UPDCAL tax option equivalent: 1, 2, or 3) (Optional) Position 18
S - Retire Flag (UPDCAL retirement flag equivalent Y or N) (Optional) Position 19
T - Description (UPDCAL pay amount description) (Optional) Position 20
U - Attendance Post (Y = post to ATDSCN, N = do not post to ATDSCN) (Optional) Position 21
V - Board Distribution Flag (Optional) Position 22
W - LEVPRO flag (Optional) Position 23
X - Effective Date (Optional) Position 24

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