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This document outlines items that need to be completed or at least verified after they have been migrated to the Redesign


  • Complete Migration Questionnaire and return to within one week of going Live.


  • Mark desired Delivery Addresses active so users may select them from a drop down when creating requisitions and purchase orders.
    • Go to Core/Delivery Address
  • Update your Bank Account Name and Account 
    • Go to Core/Bank Account 
  • Update your Transaction Configuration numbers to use auto assign feature on different transaction types
    • Go to System/Configuration/Transaction Configuration
  • Obtain Transmitter Control Code (TCC) from IRS in order to submit 1099 data if the district does not already have one. 


  • Verify with district they have an ERIC login.  They must register for on-line upload access. 
  • Register for Social Security - Business Services Online to submit W2 data. 
  • NWOCA Fiscal  Support Staff will reach out to you to update labels in current compensations.
  • NWOCA Fiscal Support staff will reach out to you to Archive Compensations.
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